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Instructions for Enabling Scripting    

www.fainshoney.com is a "dynamic" website. This means that it uses scripting. About half of all web sites on the Internet use scripting and an estimated 97% of all computer users have scripting enabled on their machines.

Simply put, without scripting you are missing out on about half of what's available on the Internet. If your web browser has scripting disabled you will be unable to interact with or place orders on the product pages on this site and many other sites, too.

To enable scripting on your computer, do the following:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
(these instructions may only be approximate depending on the version of your browser)

  • On the tool bar at the top of the page click on "Tools"
  • Choose "Internet Options"
  • Click on the "Security" tab
  • Internet zone
  • Click on the "Custom Level" button
  • Scroll down to the "Scripting (active scripting)" section and click on "Enable"
  • Either refresh the page you were on or move to a new page
The security issue

Several years ago there were bugs in web browser that allowed security breaches with scripting enabled. Over the years the evidence has shown that those issues have all been resolved. In short, nearly everyone trusts and uses scripting now.

Check/out from our shopping cart is absolutely secure and does not use scripting. For our shopping cart we use cartmanager.net, a highly reputable and trusted company.