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Fain's Lemon Honey Spread


   Lemon tree, very pretty,
     and the lemon flower is sweet,


but the fruit of the poor lemon,
is impossible to eat.
Song by Trini Lopez
Cremed honey (main ingredient):

Cremed honey, also known as whipped honey, honey butter, creamed honey, or spun honey, is simply finely crystallized honey that spreads like butter at ordinary room temperature. Unlike liquid honey, it doesn’t drip. Cremed honey is what forms the basis of all Fain’s flavored honey spreads.

Nearly all honey will eventually crystallize. The crystals are typically large resulting in a gritty texture that is not especially pleasing to the palette and is also not easy to spread. Many people are alarmed when they see liquid honey on their shelf do this (see right picture) and assume that the honey has “gone bad”. Gently warming the honey will restore its liquid state. Just think of the three states of water (ice, liquid, and steam). They are all still water. And so it is with crystallized honey… it’s still honey.

It is possible to control the crystallization of honey so as to produce a creamy texture that is easily spreadable and incredibly delicious. This process involves the introduction of finely grained honey “starter crystals” and control of the temperature. There are many nuances to the process that are closely guarded secrets; however, in the end it’s merely a finely crystallized pure honey having the consistency of creamy butter.

That's the science behind cremed honey that you will immediately forget when you taste some on a hot, buttered biscuit.

 Warning: Do not feed honey to children under one year of age.

If you like a slightly tart lemon taste you will absolutely love the way Fain's balances that with the sweet taste of honey. So, contrary to Trini Lopez's song, it is indeed possible to eat lemon with Fain's Lemon Honey Spread!

       Net wt., 12 oz.

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