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Fain's Natural Raw Honey

What is natural raw honey?  ...how is Texas honey different?

Honeybees collect the nectar of up to two million flowers in the production of just a pound of natural raw honey and travel nearly 55,000 miles between flowers in the process. Initially, when the nectar is deposited in beeswax cells, it is very thin having little sugar content (see right picture). Fanning their wings, the bees slowly evaporate the excess water until the nectar is transformed into the viscous, golden liquid we know as natural raw honey.

The color and flavor of honey can differ drastically depending on the bees' nectar source (the blossoms). In general, lighter colored honey is mild in flavor; while darker honey has a stronger, more pronounced flavor. Fain's Raw Natural Honey comes from Texas brush country where one of the primary nectar sources is bee brush (also called white brush). It produces incredibly sweet smelling, tiny flowers after each rain and gives Fain's natural raw honey products their distinctive flavor. Many claim bee brush honey to be the most delicious Texas honey of all.

     Net wt., 12 oz.

For the gift giver... one of your choices when you custom assemble a gift pack.

          Net wt, 3 lb.
 For the honey lover:
Honey is very heavy and quite expensive to ship. Look below for bargain shipping on this Texas honey item.

Shown below is a frame of natural raw honey straight from a hive and ready for harvest. Notice the cells of honey in the lower right corner of the frame. Like the picture above, these cells have not yet been sealed. The first step in removing this honey is to use a thin hot knife and gently remove this thin layer of "cappings" from the remainder of the cells that have been sealed. This is done on both sides of the frame. After the "uncapping" process this frame along with others are placed in an "extractor" (essentially a centrifuge) that coaxes the honey out of the cell as it rotates. Striking the sides of the extractor, the honey runs into collecting tanks where it waits for eventual bottling or conversion into cremed honey (also called creamed honey).

Inevitably, little bits of beeswax and tiny air bubbles find their way into the honey. Before bottling or processing into creamed honey, the wax and air bubbles rise to the top of the tanks where they are skimmed off.

Nearly all honey (including this Texas honey) will eventually crystallize. Many people are alarmed when they see liquid honey on their shelf do this (see right picture) and assume that the honey has “gone bad”. Gently warming the honey will restore its liquid state… Just think of the three states of water (ice, liquid, and steam). They are all still water. And so it is with crystallized honey… it’s still honey.

Honey is primarily composed of fructose, glucose, and water. It also contains other sugars as well trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

Honey should not be fed to children under one year of age.

Fain's Natural Raw Honey is found in the following pre-selected gift boxes.
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$13.95, Fain's natural raw honey , 1ea, 3 lb jar
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$27.90, Fain's natural raw honey, 2ea, 3 lb jars
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$41.85, Fain's natural raw honey, 3ea, 3 lb jars
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